Thursday, 25 June 2009

Blog probs

Will I or won't i post? The problem with any sort of creative writing is that i have to compete with the droning voice in my brain that tells me what i am writing is inane, boorish, predictable or, worst of all, glib. So far in my long life this voice hasn't been quieted. Automatic writing, in an attempt to outrun the voice, doesn't work, neither does quiet contemplation. All roads lead to procrastination and underachievment. Will a blog help me smash 20 years of writers block? The format suggests that it might and I certainly have enough half thought out opinions to sustain a decent run of posts. So lets just see how it goes from now on, eh?

I imagine that i will be posting about films, people, food, depression and music; not necessarily in that order, there will be much more bile than sugar and i'll be sure to include plenty of spelling mistakes. So join me, won't you?

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