Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Anyone for Puttocks? - Collings & Herrin, Duke of Yorks, Brighton

Went to see Andrew Collins and Richard Herrings filth filled live podcast last night at the Duke of Yorks cinema in Brighton.  It was really good.  Although there was a strange element in the audience that gave the impression they had just walked in off the street expecting to see something else.  You would think that, having listened to almost 100 hours of these two men talking nonsense, swearing and being amusing, they would know more exactly what to expect than at any live event they would ever pay to see; but apparently not. The audience was "flighty" but under control and the podcast was, i think, a very different beast from any that has gone before.  As well as the odd audience, Rich seemed a tiny bit merry which added a sense of crackling potential to the evening. It may have been mah favourite one ever.

I'm not usually a person who is a professional "fan" of anything, but I love the Collings and Herrin podcast, as do many other thirty-something men judging by the mostly bearded and balding audience.  I had hastily made a childish t shirt with the obscure mantra, "Anyone for Puttocks?" written on it, like a big twat.  Not wanting my one hours worth of effort and the pound I paid for the fabric pen, to go to waste I managed to meet my idols after the festivities were over.  They were both very nice and didn't look in the least bit irritated to indulge yet another grown man that should know better.  I didn't want to buy any merchandise, but gave them 5 pounds for either A) a Marks and Spencer sandwich/salad and a drink or B) 5 litres of rice/oat milk.  Amanda took the above picture for prosperity. I was very proud of the picture until my sister pointed out that it looks like a fully grown adult man, grinning like an idiot, wearing a meaningless homemade t shirt, in between two other anonymous adult men.  34 years old I was.

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