Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dinky's Dinah, Shrewsbury: Bacon and Egg Sandwich.

Egg and bacon, the king of the sandwiches.  Double egg, double decker.  The lack of sauce is deliberate.

There's a roadside cafe near Shrewsbury, Dinky's Dinah.  If you get Dinky serving you, at least I think it's Dinky, he'll call you "young man" and make you feel like a princess.  Bacon and egg sandwiches are my favourite food ever, full stop. I'm not a man to turn down a sausage if  I'm in the right frame of mind, but bacon and egg go together like no other combo on Earth. The pig and the chicken,  acquaintances in the farmyard, lovers in a sandwich.

This sandwich was extra special.  It came loaded with two eggs rather than your standard single egg and, bonus of bonuses, 3 slices of lovely, soft, shitty white bread. Two fucking eggs!  And a double decker!  Getting more than you paid for, or ever expected,  is such a rare occurrence.   I must have been impressed because, as you can see, I took the picture after I had started eating the sandwich and it's not like me to stop eating mid scoff.  Moments of small pleasure like this make life worth living.

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