Friday, 23 November 2012

Sport, the "functionless and useless human performance of winning and losing"

This is what I wanted to articulate during the Olympics.  I attempted on a number of occasions to register my opinion that I found the raising up of sport to be some sort of crystalline metaphor for all of human experience to be confounding and that, for me, it appears to have no meaning at all beyond people moving about in a field.I got disheartened in the face of popular opinion and waved my flag with the rest.
"I object to my tax money being wasted on it (The Olympics), and I object to performance sport in general. I think it’s horseshit. Why don’t you just go run in a field, with sheep? It’s meaningless that some guy on a bicycle gets given 20 million quid. And the way the Olympics exist in a grotesque linkage or synergy with the international finance capital is so obvious. Both are arenas that exalt an essentially functionless and useless human performance of winning and losing, and use that as the tail that wags the dog. That’s why the Olympics feed so enormously into the collective psyche." - Will Self

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