Monday, 21 September 2009

The single worst impression I have ever seen. Andre Hyland does 'Russell Brand on eharmony'.

Russell Brand on eHarmony
Here is comedian Andre Hyland channeling the much better comedian, Russell Brand. It's an awsomely bad impression. It would be hard for an english person to get close to Brand's odd Essex/Estuary/Dot Cotton/Costermonger accent let alone a man that, i assume, is an American. What the hell is he saying? It sounds like "flelly flally flolly fleaeyes, biddle baddle boddle beeeyes".

Like Rik Mayall before him i think that Brand's manner is probably impossible to parody without looking like a twat, but watch Andre Hyland have a bloody good go, and fail, really really badly. Please be aware, this film is written by Andre Hyland, Directed by Andre Hyland, Edited by Andre Hyland and ruined by Andre Hyland. It is also an Andre Hyland Hothouse Production. Remember the name, he's going to be tiny.

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